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About us

About Shamrock Faucet and it's owner

Shamrock Faucet is a completely free to use Bitcoin Faucet owned by a woman called Hannah from London, United Kingdom (that's me!).

I created this website so that everyone can have a chance to get involved in the Bitcoin community. You can claim your free Satoshi (Fraction of a Bitcoin*) every hour. The amount that you win is selected randomly from the list of payouts (blue box at the top of the home page). Your chance of winning each of the rewards is determined by the percentage next to each of the amounts but, like I said before, the rewards are chosen randomly.

Why do I do this? For one main, simple reason, to spread the word of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin community is already a growing and self-sustaining one. This website is my contribution.

I am not going to go lecturing you on Bitcoin and the future of the global economy. It is up to you to make up your own mind on the future of electronic currencies.

* Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a bitcoin. A hundredth of a millionth of a Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001.

Welcome to Shamrock Faucet!

About us.

Shamrock Faucet is a totally free Bitcoin faucet. You may claim once an hour. Each time you claim from our faucet you have a chance of winning any one of the amounts listed in the table. The easiest way to earn extra money. Your chance of winning each of the prizes is presented on the table in the form of a percentage next to the claim amount. The amounts you can win will go up if you all start clicking some ads. Reward percentages are listed below:

300(98.9%), 1000(1%), 5000(0.1%)

All you have to do is paste your Bitcoin Wallet address into the box. Then you have to just fill out the captcha to prove you are a living, breathing person and VOILA!

Whilst you are here earning money onlinee from home why not visit our totally free chat room here.



If you wish to help me fund this Faucet and raise the payouts, please donate any amount of BTC to this address: